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MinnowBoard 3 & Intel Atom® Processor E3900 Series processor

This codebase is designed for the MinnowBoard 3 platform  open hardware and Intel Leaf Hill Customer Reference Board (CRB), using the Intel Atom® Processor E3900 Series (formerly Apollo Lake).  This page provides material to support open source UEFI firmware development.

Note: release 0.69 adds a separate release notes file with instructions for downloading the Leaf Hill CRB source tree and compiling an IFWI image (which slightly differs from MinnowBoard 3).

MinnowBoard 3, scheduled to ship in 2018, is the follow-on to the MinnowBoard Max & MinnowBoard Turbot platforms. MinnowBoard platforms offer low cost & commercially available open hardware based on Intel Architecture for hardware, software and firmware developers. 

Current Firmware Release

MinnowBoard 3 Release

Release 0.69 (Feb 2018)

  • MinnowBoard 3 0.69 Firmware Images (ZIP file; contains eight binary images)
    • Pre-compiled UEFI firmware images for MinnowBoard 3 Rev B :
      • FAB_B/MINNOW3B.I32.0069.D01.1802271009.bin (UEFI IA32 firmware, debug mode)
      • FAB_B/MINNOW3B.I32.0069.R01.1802271017.bin (UEFI IA32 firmware, release mode)
      • FAB_B/MINNOW3B.X64.0069.D01.1802271025.bin (UEFI x64 firmware, debug mode)
      • FAB_B/MINNOW3B.X64.0069.R01.1802271034.bin (UEFI x64 firmware, release mode)
    • Pre-compiled UEFI firmware images for MinnowBoard 3 Module Pre-production Board:
      • MB3_Module/MINNEXTA.I32.0069.D01.1802271238.bin (UEFI IA32 firmware, debug mode)
      • MB3_Module/MINNEXTA.I32.0069.R01.1802271247.bin (UEFI IA32 firmware, release mode)
      • MB3_Module/MINNEXTA.X64.0069.D01.1802271254.bin (UEFI x64 firmware, debug mode)
      • MB3_Module/MINNEXTA.X64.0069.R01.1802271302.bin (UEFI x64 firmware, release mode)
  • MinnowBoard 3 0.69 Binary Object Modules (ZIP file; for use with EDK II source project)
  • MinnowBoard 3 0.69 Release Notes (TXT file; supported features, known issues, and instructions for compiling firmware from source)
  • Firmware Update Utilities (ZIP file; utilities for use with UEFI Shell)

Leaf Hill Release

Release 0.69 (Feb 2018)


Flash Update Utilities

The FirmwareUpdateUtilities ZIP file contains IA32 & x64 utilities for the UEFI Shell. These utilities require the 'BIOS Lock' feature to be disabled. Please refer to the release notes for programming instructions.


Project Information

MinnowBoard is an open source hardware enabler, encouraging platform experimentation and derivative designs. The project supports Open Source Hardware Association principles by making designs publicly available for the community so “anyone can study, modify, distribute, make, and sell the design or hardware based on that design.” (OSHWA)

MinnowBoard 3 is based on the Intel Atom® processor E3900 Series platform, utilizing the Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP) and open source UEFI from the TianoCore EDK II project. Note the source project also requires several small binary object modules, which are provided below.

The open source UEFI firmware, based on EDK II, is being made available in advance of the hardware release. Developers can download pre-built UEFI firmware images, utilities, binary object modules, and project release notes. The open source firmware project is available from the TianoCore GitHub:

Previous Firmware Releases

Release 0.68 (Dec 2017)

Release 0.67 (Oct 2017)

Release 0.66 (Sept 2017)

Release 0.65 (June 2017)

Release 0.64 (May 2017)

Release 0.63 (Apr 2017)

Release 0.62 (Mar 2017)

Release 0.61 (Feb 2017)

Release 0.60 (Jan 2017)