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MinnowBoard Max/Turbot - UEFI Firmware

MinnowBoard Turbot is a low cost, commercially available, reference platform for hardware, software and firmware developers who wish to work within an open environment. Design specifications and materials have been provided to the open community, encouraging platform experimentation and derivative designs. This page provides material to support UEFI firmware development for MinnowBoard Turbot, Turbot derivatives, and the original MinnowBoard Max platform.

  • Binary Firmware Images ("UEFI BIOS"): 32-bit and 64-bit UEFI builds, with Debug and Release images. Includes flash update utilities and release notes.
  • Binary Object Modules for which source code is not available due to the Intellectual property for both Intel silicon (microprocessor and chipset) and third party components.
  • Instructions for integrating the EDK II source tree (BSD license) with the Binary Object Modules to build firmware.

Release 1.00 Firmware Download (Nov 2018)

  • MinnowBoard Max/Turbot 1.00 Binary Object Modules (ZIP file; for use with EDK II source project)
  • End User License Agreement (EULA) for binary object modules
  • MinnowBoard Max/Turbot 1.00 Release Notes (TXT file; supported features, known issues, and instructions for downloading source, compiling/updating firmware)
  • MinnowBoard Max/Turbot 1.00 Firmware Images (ZIP file; contains twelve binary images, update utilities, and instructions)
    • MNW2MAX1.I32.0100.D01.1811141712.bin (UEFI IA32 firmware, debug mode)
    • MNW2MAX1.I32.0100.R01.1811141703.bin (UEFI IA32 firmware, release mode)
    • MNW2MAX1.X64.0100.D01.1811141653.bin (UEFI x64 firmware, debug mode)
    • MNW2MAX1.X64.0100.R01.1811141644.bin (UEFI x64 firmware, release mode)
    • FTPM/MNW2MAX1.I32.0100.D01.1811150933.bin (UEFI IA32, debug mode, fTPM feature supported)
    • FTPM/MNW2MAX1.I32.0100.R01.1811150945.bin (UEFI IA32, release mode, fTPM feature supported)
    • FTPM/MNW2MAX1.X64.0100.D01.1811150912.bin (UEFI x64, debug mode, fTPM feature supported)
    • FTPM/MNW2MAX1.X64.0100.R01.1811141813.bin (UEFI x64, release mode, fTPM feature supported)
    • HTTP/MNW2MAX1.I32.0100.D01.1811141749.bin (UEFI IA32, debug mode, HTTP(S) boot feature)
    • HTTP/MNW2MAX1.I32.0100.R01.1811141800.bin (UEFI IA32, release mode, HTTP(S) boot feature)
    • HTTP/MNW2MAX1.X64.0100.D01.1811141738.bin (UEFI x64, debug mode, HTTP(S) boot feature)
    • HTTP/MNW2MAX1.X64.0100.R01.1811141729.bin (UEFI x64, release mode, HTTP(S) boot feature)
    • MinnowBoard.MAX.FirmwareUpdateIA32.efi (32-bit Flash Update Utilities for UEFI Shell)
    • MinnowBoard.MAX.FirmwareUpdateX64.efi (64-bit Flash Update Utilities for UEFI Shell)
  • See below: Flash Update Utilities for UEFI Shell (MinnowBoard.MAX.FirmwareUpdateIA32.efi & MinnowBoard.MAX.FirmwareUpdateX64.efi)
  • Update Instructions, based on release notes for Binary images only (MinnowBoard_MAX-Rel_1.00_BIN-ReleaseNotes.txt)


Prior releases are available on the 'MinnowBoard Max/Turbot - Release Archives' page.

Firmware Development:

Continued development on the MinnowBoard Max/ Turbot project from . These binary objects that work with  master branch


Flash Update Utilities:

Note: these utilities are designed for the UEFI Shell, and are included with the binary image releases.

MinnowBoard.MAX.FirmwareUpdateIA32 (ZIP)
MinnowBoard.MAX.FirmwareUpdateX64 (ZIP)