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Intel® Firmware Engine Tutorial Videos

The following videos demonstrate various tasks using Intel Firmware Engine

How to Video Description
How to update BIOS/Firmware using a Dediprog This video shows how to update the target system firmware using Intel® Firmware Engine and a Dediprog flash programmer.
See he web site :  for the flash programmer.

How to Use Capsule Update  This video shows how to use the Capsule update method for updating the firmware image built using the Intel® Firmware Engine.
A security benefit is that the capsule update method only works if the existing image on the target system is the same project as used with the Intel® Firmware Engine used to generate the capsule image. 

How to flash BIOS/Firmware for the first time   This video shows how to flash the first Intel® Firmware Engine flash device (.FD) image for the first time into a MinnowBoard Turbot system. See for purchasing. Note: once this is done the only was update to the original firmware (BIOS) is through a SPI flash update tool like the Dediprog.

How to add BIOS/Firmware setup   This video shows how to add BIOS "Setup" using the Intel® Firmware Engine software. 

How to change out the flash part   This video shows how to add a different BIOS/Firmware flash part using the Intel® Firmware Engine