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BIOS vendors

American Megatrends Inc.*

Founded in 1985 and known worldwide for AMIBIOS®*, American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) ( supplies state-of-the-art hardware, software, and utilities to today's high-tech manufacturers. American Megatrends provides a complete line of BIOS and UEFI firmware and pre-boot applications, together with debug and diagnostic tools, that fully meet the needs of embedded systems manufacturers, developers and system integrators. AMI's strength lies in its total spectrum of support services and the integrated development tools it offers to developers and manufacturers, enabling them to add value to their designs and speed time to market.

Insyde Software Corp.*

Insyde Software ( is a leading global provider of BIOS, UEFI-based firmware and engineering services for companies in the mobile, server, desktop, and embedded computing industries. The company is publicly held (GTSM: 6231) and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with U.S. headquarters in Westborough, MA. The company's customers include the world's leading computer systems designers and manufacturers.

Nanjing Byosoft Co., Ltd*

In early 2006, Nanjing Byosoft Co., Ltd ( was established in Nanjing Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. Byosoft is dedicated to the integration and development of BIOS technology in computer and embedded systems, and to providing OEM and ODM manufacturers of computers and embedded devices with new-generation UEFI BIOS products and services. Byosoft products can be used in computers and industrial control devices, consumer electronics and other fields.

Phoenix Technologies, Ltd.*

Founded in 1979, Phoenix was the first company dedicated to the development of PC BIOS firmware. Phoenix enables the PC industry's top system builders to differentiate their products, reduce time to market, and increase customer value with its rich domain expertise and IP library in firmware architecture and BIOS technology. The company's flagship UEFI firmware product, Phoenix SecureCore Technology*, is revolutionizing the PC user experience by delivering unprecedented performance, security, reliability, connectivity and ease of use. Phoenix is a privately held company headquartered in Silicon Valley in Milpitas, CA. For more information, visit

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UEFI hardware vendors

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