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The Intel® UEFI Development Kit enables engineers to test, debug, and validate UEFI drivers and applications on a variety of UEFI compliant systems. Platforms can be assembled and configured in your lab or home workshop using commercially available hardware.

These development kits offer many benefits for UEFI OS, hardware and software developers:

  • • Kits include multiple firmware images with debug capabilities
  • • Support Intel® UDK20xx development and debug
  • • Long lifetime hardware platform support from Intel
  • • Platforms are available without a nondisclosure agreement (NDA)
  • • Access to UEFI platforms on demand for development, debugging, or validation
  • • Can be purchased preassembled, or built from commodity hardware

The Intel® UEFI Development Kit is perfect for operating system validation, hardware driver development, and UEFI secure boot testing. Firmware images are based on the latest UEFI standards, including options to enable debugging features for developing UEFI drivers and applications.