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The Unified EFI Specification defines an interface between an operating system and platform firmware

The Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for UEFI architecture specification describes the primary design elements of an innovative approach to constructing platform firmware for platforms based on Intel® architecture. The design is characterized by a central framework that provides services and infrastructure to combine modular software building block elements.

Together, the infrastructure code (which is known as the foundation) and an appropriate selection of modular building blocks constitute a complete platform software implementation that is designed to initialize the platform and boot shrink-wrap operating systems or other custom application environments. The foundations comprise the pre-EFI initialization (PEI) and driver execution environment (DXE) phases, which are both described in this specification.

In addition, this specification describes a number of other design elements in an effort to provide a complete set of baseline design and services support for arbitrary building blocks that will customize a particular platform firmware image to the hardware, and the intended purpose and market for that hardware. Additional design elements include security services, boot-device policy management, runtime services, afterlife, firmware storage, user interface, firmware integrity services, manageability support, legacy compatibility, and boot/resume paths.

The interoperability and component specifications describe in greater depth the functional components that complement the PEI and DXE foundations, and that are also architectural in the framework design. "Architectural," in this context, implies that the functional components provide services that may always be assumed to be present by any code designed and written to operate across a range of platforms that use firmware based on the framework design.

(A double asterisk (**) indicates a Foundation specification)


Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) Specification