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coreboot Module / Payload

This is our implementation of a coreboot UEFI Payload. This payload code is based on the latest UDK2014 release (available on

The Latest coreboot payload and Module packages are on open source ( SVN CorebootPayloadPkg and CorebootModulePkg.

See also coreboot UEFI payload page

Previous Versions:

This is the complete release consisting of:

  • 1) 2014-WW26-UEFI.coreboot.Payload-ReleaseNotes.txt
  • 2) - The source code package of coreboot Support Modules used to parse the coreboot tables in memory, report memory/io resources and install ACPI and SMBIOS tables from coreboot into the EFI system tables.
  • 3) - Source code package of coreboot Payload Modules, This provides definitions of the payload image's layout and lists the modules required in DSC file.
This is the decryption key necessary to unecrypt the files included in the ZIP file release (above)

This file contains the release notes for the coreboot Module / Payload release