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SMI Transfer Monitor (STM)

This capability is a virtualization agent called the SMI Transfer Monitor (STM) that runs in system management mode (SMM)

The STM is ideally suited to work with a Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) launch, but the recently released specification includes chapter 12 of STM User Guide V1.0 PDF  for a VT-only usage. This allows for investigation and research around this technology on any system with Intel Virtualization Technology (VT) support, such as the MinnowBoard Max. 


Download STM Firmware:    

    GitHub:  (lastest up to date version)

    How to Build: Readme.txt 

    Previous:  STM Release 1.01 zip


A Tour Beyond BIOS Launching STM to Monitor SMM in EDK II:  PDF  (Aug 2015). Describes the reference implementation of the STM Release 1.0

STM Users Guide 1.0: PDF (Aug 2015)

A Tour Beyond BIOS Launching a VMM in EFI Developer Kit II: PDF (Oct 2015). This is a description of the FRM in the portion of the release.