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What's New with Intel Firmware Engine

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There's been a lot of recent activity with Intel Firmware Engine, which means there are many new things to download.

Let's start with the main program ...

Intel Firmware Engine 2.0 was released a few weeks ago. This update includes a new block diagram GUI, simplified GPIO configuration and an updated platform model for the MinnowBoard Max (replacing the older MinnowBoard model). There are also new platform kits for the Intel® Celeron® N3000 (Cherry Hill) Platform and Intel Galileo Gen2 platform.


The Intel Firmware Engine Software Development Kit has also been improved. The recently released Intel Firmware Engine SDK 2.0 adds Package Converter and Package Creator tools. The Intel FIrmware Engine Package Converter helps engineers convert existing UEFI drivers to Intel FIrmware Engine binary packages. If you're building new packages from scratch, then the Intel Firmware Engine Package Creator creates skeleton code for new binary packages and UEFI Drivers.

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