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UEFI and the Cloud

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UEFI 2.3.1 and the lead-up to Windows 8 featured many client-focused usages, such as fast-boot (e.g., BGRT) and UEFI Secure Boot. 

With the recent publication of the UEFI 2.5 specification, the data center requirements come more to forefront. A pre-UEFI2.5 discussion of the 'problem statements' of the Cloud was held at the last Open Compute Project by Mallik from Microsoft and myself The material can be found at We are reprising that material with some insights from the recent UEFI Specifications at the Spring UEFI Plugfest

We've updated our earlier white paper a bit to cover some of the new material if you want to get a taste of the talk

Hope to talk more face-to-face with the community members on this excited subject area.