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Linux* UEFI Validation Project to incorporate UEFI SCT

Anyone who frequents the testtools section of may have noticed the 256-bit sha hash that is now being published alongside the UEFI Self-Certification Test (SCT) 2.3.1 C link.

This simple change has huge implications for validation across the UEFI industry: other projects can now incorporate the SCT as part of larger test suite collections. Using the official sha hash on, it's now possible to verify that a project is using the official SCT binaries distributed by the UEFI forum.

The Linux* UEFI Validation project will incorporate the latest SCT binaries in a future release, and further increase the project's test coverage.

This has been a long time coming. The teams here at Intel are proud to have been the catalyst for this change as well as an integral part of the subsequent working group discussions.