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Beyond BIOS

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In this posting I want to provide an overview of some material being shared on this site.


Specifically, some of the thought process behind the the "Tour Beyond BIOS on Topic xyz" series of white papers will be reviewed. To begin, I began using the 'Beyond BIOS' moniker over a decade ago [1], although recently there has been some controversy as to whether UEFI is really an appropriate qualifier for BIOS, such as "UEFI BIOS." Others [3] have referred to firmware not running on the host platform, such as service processors, as 'non-host firmware.' So does that mean UEFI is a class of 'host platform firmware?' Well, the jury is still out on this. So this paper series has been using 'UEFI BIOS' and 'UEFI PI firmware based upon EDK II' interchangeably since the intent of the papers is to describe how to build UEFI & PI conformant firmware, using EDK II [4] as an example.

Ideally this series of writing will evolve into a wiki on tianocore so that some taxonomy can be applied to the content. The UEFI Forum hosting site [5] is not appropriate because there are many possible implementations of the UEFI standards and the Forum does not necessarily endorse a particular one. This site [6], though, is appropriate since these "Tour' papers are written by Intel engineers talking about ways to use the technology. Given that long pre-amble, here's a quick guide to navigating the papers:

To begin, the first paper reads on memory map usage [7], which is a preamble to [8].

Next, memory map protection [8] from a host software access and I/O device access [14] perspective is treated.

Evolution of embedded in EDK II is the next series of papers. This begins with a pure EDK II implementation [16], and continues to consumption or integration of a platform with an Intel FSP 1.0 [17], culminating in a reprise of [17] for Intel FSP 1.1 in [18]. Finally, an expansion beyond the former two on 'creating' an Intel FSP in [19].

Beyond embedded, the papers next delve into security, including how to implement the TPM2 in EDK II with [10]. This paper also mentions the PPI interface that uses SMM. Next are several papers on SMM, including the implementation of Authenticated Variables in SMM [11], some aspects of SMM to protect the boot script for S3 in [12], and a model to de-privilege SMM drivers in [9]. Finally, there is the description of a possible model to load SMM drivers from PEI in [13]. This latter paper has some cross-over with the Intel FSP series like [18][19] above in that it allows for possibly moving some PI SMM DXE code into PEI for purposes of Intel FSP construction.

Speaking of secure, another popular paper using the "Beyond BIOS" moniker at [23] is [24]. 

A careful visitor to [6] will also note a few other papers without the 'Tour' in their title, such as [20][21][22]. These are more general purpose survey papers that could live in other venues, including [5], but have been posted here in order to share more knowledge with the broader community.


I hope that this journey through the "Tour" papers helps provide a map into the thicket. Again, these papers are meant to educate as much as drive a conversation with the firmware producing and consuming community on existing and emergent art in this space.


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