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Posted by BrianRichardson on 12/18/2017

The Intel® Firmware Engine 4.0 release is now available. Intel Firmware Engine enables rapid firmware configuration and customization using a graphical interface, without the need for source modifications.

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Posted by BrianRichardson on 10/9/2017

Intel recently updated the "A Tour Beyond BIOS: Using IOMMU for DMA Protection in UEFI Firmware" whitepaper regarding protection against firmware-based Direct Memory Access (DMA) attacks.

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Posted by vzimmer on 06/6/2016

There are a lot of vigorous discussions, RFC's, etc on the edk2 developer list. I believe that forms the essence of an open source community, along with rich and insightful commit messages. But sometimes there are features or over-arching technologies that require a bit of additional pedagogy.

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Posted by vzimmer on 05/13/2016

In earlier posts I've talked about the Intel Firmware Support Package (FSP). This is one ingredient to enable an open or closed work-flow for firmware development. But an FSP binary is not sufficient for building a complete platform solution. To that end, platform code needs to be combined with the FSP, along with the operating system boot loader environment.

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Posted by vzimmer on 05/3/2016

You've seen in the past when I have talked about Intel Firmware Support Package (FSP), hearkening back to 2014 [1][2]. This mirrors some content I posted at [14].

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Posted by BrianRichardson on 04/26/2016

There's been a lot of recent activity with Intel Firmware Engine, which means there are many new things to download.

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Posted by vzimmer on 03/31/2016

I'm happy to note that the SMI Transfer Monitor (STM) is now under source control at  This is an evolution of the code described in


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Posted by BrianRichardson on 03/24/2016

Are you a firmware developer? Do you build UEFI drivers & applications? Do you have opinions about firmware, but don't think anyone will listen?

Well, today is your lucky day :)

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Posted by vzimmer on 03/1/2016

A question that is often asked is "how does the UEFI memory map evolve, from UEFI PI PEI to DXE to the data structures exposed to the operating system via the GetMemoryMap() boot service?" This history of the memory map is augmented with the latest hand-off information of the memory map, namely the UEFI 2.6 http... Read more »