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Intel® Quark™ Technology

The Intel® Quark SoC X1000 is the first product in a new roadmap of innovative, small core products targeted at rapidly growing areas ranging from the industrial IoT to wearables. It will bring low power and Intel compute capabilities for thermally constrained, fanless, and headless applications. With its security and manageability features, this SoC is ideally suited for the Internet of Things (IoT) and for the next wave of cost-effective intelligent connected devices.

Featuring secure boot, extended lifecycle support, extended temperature and ECC, this processor offers an excellent solution for embedded market segments such as transportation, energy, and commercial and industrial control. The processor remains software compatible with previous 320-bit Intel® architecture and complementary silicon.

This Pentium® ISA compatible, single-core, single-threaded SoC offers rich I/O capabilities and flexibility via high-bandwidth interfaces for a broad range of connectivity options such as two Ethernet* interfaces on chip and interfaces to connect Cellular, Bluetooth*, Zigbee*, and other connectivity options. Using SD/SDIO/eMMC card interfaces, SPI, UART, and GPIO prots, the SoC connects seamlessly to sensors and various memory options.

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