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Get Started with Intel® Galileo Development Board

Intel® Galileo development board is a board level product in a new family of Arduino*-compatible development boards featuring Intel® architecture. The platform is easy to use for new designers and for those looking to take designs to the next level.

A collaboration between Intel and Arduino, the Intel Galileo development board pushes the boundaries of technology, innovation, and creativity. The desired outcome is to inspire the inventors and creators of the world—and help foster a growing community of makers.

Purchase the Intel® Galileo development board at one of many retailers. Get started by visiting the Learning Center, or get ideas for projects at the Project Gallery.

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Intel® Galileo - “TinyQuark” Firmware

The Intel® Galileo EDKII implementation referred to as “TinyQuark”  has a binary firmware image that is 64K in size. "TinyQuark" is a demonstration showing the possibilities available using the scalable architecture of EDKII. This EDKII implemenation will boot Linux (a build based upon the Yocto project) on the Intel® Galileo board. Update the flash with the firmware image you can build from the source code available from the download the link provided below. This implementation demonstrates the scalability of the EDKII architecture and how to create a UEFI conformant firmware solution with a very small binary image footprint.

Intel "TinyQuark" (64KB Firmware) Download >

Whitepaper: A Tour Beyond BIOS Implementing the Tiny Quark Design >